Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bowl of chili for the chilly weather

My son's school has a Harvest festival each October and every time they have chili for sale. 
When I saw the chili for the first time I told myself " There is no way in hell I'm eating this!", but when I finally tried it, I was pleasantly surprised, because it was really delicious! That was actually where I picked up the habit of eating the chili with sour cream and cheddar cheese too.  I have been looking online for the perfect recipe and I found this "Best chili you will ever taste"recipe and I decided this is it. I changed some things in it, so it's not completely the original, but I still felt the need to quote the link where I got it from.
It is indeed the best chili I ever tasted! 
Enough about my love for chili, here is the recipe that will warm you up for sure!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The proverbial Crocodile


Five years ago in the Bulgarian forum I'm visiting from time to time a lady posted for the first time the recipe for this "crocodile" and soon pretty much everyone I knew tried the recipe. Now don't get  me wrong- I don't mind the recipe being popular...but it it was quite quite overwhelming feeling to see the damn lizard everywhere you go, so out of pure stubbornness I decided not to make it. Yesterday, my own mom told me that even she had  tried that recipe ( and she doesn't even read that forum) and while we were talking my daughter overheard that Grammy is baking a crocodile. You can only imagine the storm of questions about the size, taste etc of the crocodile and since then I was asked to bake it every 5 minutes.

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