Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter breads ( Kozunaci) 2010

This is what has been keeping me from posting yesterday!
You can see the recipe I use step by step here : 
Kozunaci ( Easter breads) the recipe

18 eggs, 6 lbs flour and  the result is 11 kozunaci ( Easter breads)!
At one point I thought I would never finish! I have a small, non-convection oven and it takes 3 times more time to bake them than in convection oven. But, after 8  hours straight baking, here they are:

Plain kozunaci with brandy soaked raisins and sugar/almond/sesame crust before baking 
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0001

Here they are, already baked:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0009

A closer look:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0011

Second set of 3 with raisins:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0012

6 for good measure:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0015

I just realized that I didn't take a picture of the three I made with mixed fruit and walnuts( pineapple, papaya, cherries, raisins) . They were with topping only of sugar, no nuts on top, other than that they looked exactly the same as the others. I hope I can take a picture of the inside, we already ate one ( blush) and although I make these for a first time, they came out great!

Here is a small plain one with sesame and sugar crust:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0019

And here is a new style with chocolate chips that I tried for a first year. I got the idea from here Coronita cu ciocolata

- first you roll out the dough and sprinkle with chocolate chips
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0003
- then you roll it in
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0004

- then you cut thin slices
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0005
- then you place it in the greased pan and bake the same as the other kozunaci:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0006 Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0007

- and here is the baked one:
Kozunaci( Easter bread)2010-0018

You can see the recipe I use step by step here :  
Kozunaci ( Easter breads) the recipe!

If you want to see my previous years kozunaci, take a look here( click)!

I am off to plan the egg painting for tomorrow! I plan on making some crescents with chocolate and Turkish delight, so stay tuned as they say :-) , there might be more to see tomorrow! 

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Леле, Ани, нямаш умора - евала!!! Страхотно изглеждат, сигурна съм че и на вкус са вълшебни :)
    Направо ми потекоха лигите само като ги гледам ;)

  2. Невероятни са Ани!Домашните ще са много доволни.Светли и усмихнати празници!

  3. Рони, благодаря ти! :-) И на вкус ясно са хубави, щом не мога да ги опазя от децата.

    Нанита,такъв комплимент от теб много ме радва! Весел празник и на вас!!!

  4. Annie,

    страхотни козунаци ! Браво! :)

    С какви размери са правоъгълните алум.форми, в които си ги пекла ?

  5. Елена, (д/ш/в) в инчове ( 7"/3.5"/2") или в сантиметри ( 18cm/9cm/5cm. Мисля, че се водят среден размер, защото има едни по-малки и от тези. Аз съм си избрала този размер, за да мога да пека по 3 наведнъж, а и аз раздавам доста, така че този размер ми е по-удобен.

  6. Мерси много Ани ! Весел Великден !

  7. Благодаря Елена, весел Великден и на теб!

  8. Страхотни са!!
    Светъл Великден!

  9. Strahotni vkusotii. Veseli Velidenski Praznici Annie!

  10. Невероятно добре изглеждат, не се съмнявам, че са и страхотни на вкус :)
    Весело искарване на светлия празник!


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