Monday, October 12, 2009

A very quick caviar appetizer


In spite of all that glorifying of the black caviar, I just love the red one! Unfortunately I haven't seen it in the store for the longest time and the one Seafood store we have around here is very far, so I guess black caviar will do ;-)

It is very easy recipe and you don't need to cook anything. Just arranging tasteful bites for you to enjoy with good company and nice drink.

You will need:

1 jar black caviar
1 crispy fresh cucumber
1 stick unsalted butter

Preparation time:
5 min

1. Wash the cucumber and cut in circles.

2. Arrange the crackers on a plate and place a single ( very!) thin slice of butter.


3. Arrange the cucumbers on top of the butter.


4. With a teaspoon ( never touch caviar with metal utensils- only glass, silver, plastic or wooden, because it gives unpleasant metallic taste to the caviar!) place a small amount of caviar on top of the cucumber.

5. Serve cold!

The caviar is a tasteful explosion by itself, so it does not need you to add, to the taste with complicated recipes and ingredients.
The simple, the better if you ask me.


  1. Ани, изглежда супер, въпреки че досега не съм опитвала черен хайвер.
    Аз обаче преглеждам и чакам да пуснеш нещо от твоите красоти в Арт раздела на блога ти.

  2. Nice! I would suggest, what russians do: a glass or silver spoon, as more stylish touch :-)

  3. Aaaaah, glass or silver is awesome! Too bad I don't have one of these lying around ;-) LoL
    Couple of years ago I saw this glass set- a bowl for ice that you can insert a small bowl in ( for the caviar) and a glass spoon. Very stylish!

  4. Иволина, ако знаеш колко много имам натрупани! Трябва да ги снимам и кача, имам много проблеми с интернет доставчика ни, тази седмица го сменяме и се надявам най-после да мога да качвам нови снимки, защото сега е просто ужасно трудно.
    Обещавам в най-скоро време да пусна много! Направила съм над 50 артикула за последните 2 седмици!


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